Nutrition for Women, Bali Indonesia

A key focus of all our programs

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us be much more than what we are.” - Adelle Davis

At our Bali health retreat for women, we believe wellness starts from the inside.  Experience how clean eating can transform your health through our delicious wholefoods menu designed by an expert holistic nutritionist. Each thoughtful meal balances protein, healthy fats, good quality carbohydrates, and, of course, locally sourced, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that satisfy and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Reset your relationship with food through your health retreat, and fall in love with the new energy clean eating brings to your life.

Why does our health retreat emphasize wholefoods? Wholefoods are foods eaten as close as possible to their natural state. That means that during our nutrition retreat, we skip all the unnecessary intervention and processing that causes lost nutrients and disruptions in balance.
Wholefoods keep us functioning at our best. By nourishing our bodies with beautiful wholefoods, we provide our cells with the nutrients they need. Our menu for our nutrition retreat carefully designed to fuel your physical activity throughout the health retreat and keep you at your strongest and brightest.

A wholefoods diet means a whole lot vegetables and fruit. By eating wholefoods, you naturally increase the amount of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruit in your diet. These leafy greens and juicy berries are packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants that help protect against disease and detoxify your body.

Eating wholefoods increases our fibre intake. During the nutrition retreat, we eat whole foods to increase our fibre intake.  Fibre is vital for gut health and proper digestion and even benefits our heart function, cholesterol and blood sugar – what’s not to like?
Wholefoods = beautiful skin. By flooding your body with water, nutrients, good fats and antioxidants throughout your health retreat, you cleanse and renew your system. This allows your skin to more effectively clear toxins and repair damage for a healthy, bright complexion.

Bali was never on my list until I was introduced to Georgie and Ocean Soul Retreat (OSR). It’s been a busy year in the midst of a career change, which meant working full time, studying to become a personal trainer, keeping up with my own training and fitting in down time when I could.

I usually DIY holidays but this time I wanted it all sorted for me so OSR was the perfect option. This was my first retreat and I was glad to leave myself open to curiosity and surprise. I set myself a couple of goals but no words can fully describe nor give justice to what unfolded during those 6 days. Here goes…. I met some amazing women, my Soul Sisters and together we sampled holistic therapies and shared clean, nutritious and delicious food. I detoxed for the week… no alcohol or coffee and discovered I’ve been dehydrated my whole life! Carly and the boys from the D school taught us to surf, a great confidence builder, healthy and challenging as we rode the green waves out the back!! Amanda and Rae were awesome yoga teachers and passed on a wealth of information to improve the mind, body and soul. I recommend you leave your inhibitions at home and sample all the therapies on offer. I found them complementary addressing my blockages (aka baggage), giving me choice in the decisions I now make and just learning to be. Highlights – traditional Balinese healing ceremony, pair yoga, surfing out the back, twin share lodgings with a beautiful outdoor bathroom, nightly gifts, matcha tea bliss balls, green smoothies, the wonderful OSR staff and our gorgeous host Georgie. Her attention to detail is second to none, every need and wish is accommodated…. she’s one super cool chick. Ok, so now I’m home and pleased to say I’m staying true to my new goals and it’s been super easy. My body is thankful for the extra water, my skin is glowing, I now make decisions which are good for me and no one else, I have new life long friends (the amazing Soul Sisters!!) and my critical friend inside my head is a lot quieter. OSR was truly a life changing experience, so book your ‘gift to self’ and you’ll see what I mean. Namaste girlfriend.

– LISA  Stayed in October 2015

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  • Stay and Amenities

    • 7 days (6 nights) in our luxurious villa located in the heart of Seminyak
    • 24-hour security and 5-star service from our accommodating team
    • Highly experienced retreat leaders available 24/7 to ensure a wonderful holiday
    • Nightly turn-down service with inspirational quotes
    • Transfers to and from the airport and local hotel transfers
    • Complimentary WiFi access and local telephone calls
    • Pre-and-post-retreat booking service for those who wish to spend more time in Bali

  • Wellness Activities

    • Wellness Wednesday – A wellness workshop in the morning followed by a cooking demonstration to learn about preparing whole food menus at home
    • Wellness Workshops will be scheduled throughout your stay
    • An informative talk on wellness topics will be scheduled throughout your stay
    • Personal coaching session
    • 1 holistic therapy
    • 2 relaxation massages

  • Nutrition

    • An unlimited supply of herbal teas, coffee, and filtered water
    • Delicious, nutrient packed, gourmet whole food menu prepared by our in-house chef
    • All meals are provided to ensure you reap the full benefits of following a whole food menu for the duration of your stay
    • Fresh local fruit  and wholesome snacks throughout your stay

  • Extra Perks

    • Gifts from our favourite brands
    • Ocean Soul Rash Vest (Surf Program only)
    • Digital access to photographs from your stay with us

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