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Bali Retreat for Women

Our week-long wellness retreats in Seminyak provide a luxurious experience that reset your system, inspiring healthier habits for a more balanced lifestyle. To give you the ultimate detox, at our Bali retreat for women, we provide every element you need to reset, reconnect, nourish and indulge from the inside out.

Picture yourself relaxing and stepping into a healthier you as your wellness week unfolds.  Our retreat programs are tailored to reset your system and create healthy habits to inspire you to live a balanced lifestyle.  You’ll centre yourself with personalised yoga and meditation sessions while deeply replenishing your body with locally sourced wholefoods.

After a week of clean eating, holistic treatments and massages, quality time spent in nature and lots of sleep, you’ll leave our Bali retreat for women feeling refreshed on every level. Tucked away in lush tropical gardens, our retreat makes next-level nirvana seem totally achievable.

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Wellness Retreat Bali
Wellness Retreat Bali

The Experience

Our Bali retreat for women is the perfect gateway getaway for getting healthy. Our sprawling, meticulously manicured property itself is designed to promote well-being from the moment you check in, with beautifully turned-out rooms and plenty of nooks for introspective thought. Gathering for shared meal times, workshops on wellness topics of interest, you’ll end up making new friends by the end of the first day.

As we’ve come to understand it, wellness is “…a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is an active process of being mindful and making thoughtful choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. With that understanding, you can look forward to reconnecting to the brightest version of yourself with our wellness retreat.

Our Core Principles

Food as Medicine
curated wholefood menu

expert-led workshops

Body Movement
personalised classes

Body Work
wellness-minded treatments

A Day at Ocean Soul Retreat

An early wake-up, jumpstarts each day with us, rising with the sun is the best way to get your body in sync with its natural circadian rhythms.

Break your fast and replenish your system with our finely tuned menu, designed by an expert nutritionist and naturopath. Our whole-foods approach to nutrition ensures you body is flooded with dense nutrients and resets your digestive system over the course of the seven-day retreat to make way for healthier eating habits. Our talented in-house team of chefs prepare all of our meals, turning out multiple courses of delicious food throughout the day.

No matter the wellness program (pilates, surfing, yoga and wellness) you choose for your retreat package, a yoga practice session is integrated into your daily routine while with us. Throughout the week, we hold wellness-oriented workshops to discuss various topics spanning from nutrition to mindfulness, so you can carry on with your healthful routine at home. Spend the afternoon’s poolside and wind down with in-house treatments and wholesome meals shared with new friends as the sun sets.

Our women’s wellness retreat is all about doing what feels right for your mind, body and soul, so no matter which program you choose, you’re sure to reap the benefits. Whether you join us on a girl’s getaway or on a solo trip, you’ll return home feeling totally refreshed and reinvigorated — with a new set of like-minded friends to top it all off.


Learn new skills, reset your system and build a lasting connection with yourself—all while breathing deeply and laughing loudly. When you return home, you’ll take these exhilarating experiences and start afresh by bringing healthy new practices into your life.


 Our programs for 2020 are on hold for the moment until the travel bans are lifted.

In the interim, you can read more about our Freediving and Yoga Retreat experience here.

You will experience a life-changing experience leaving you glowing from the inside out after a week of ‘me-time’ reconnecting to the best version of you.

You will have seven days to reset any habits you wish to change. We are incredibly experienced at helping you facilitate the change.

You will totally disconnect from your daily life. We curate an experience that enables you to switch off from having to make any decisions. This allows true peace of mind, and you’ll be wholly present.

You will learn insightful knowledge from our wellness workshops, which will provide you with just what you need to implement long-lasting changes in your life.

You will reset your digestive system. By detoxing, you will change your relationship with food.

You will sleep more deeply, and your skin will look revitalized after seven days of nourishing wholefoods and no alcohol.

You will experience personal growth and feel empowered after stepping outside of your comfort zone and participating in new activities.

You will make new lasting friendships with other like-minded women after bonding over new experiences and warm conversations.

You will gain a more positive outlook, which will influence every facet of your life.

We guarantee that you will progress in your yoga, surfing and Pilates practice. You’ll also have a new lease on life after leaving our retreat feeling refreshed on every level. After all, taking a time out to invest in you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Our Bali women’s wellness retreat is a wonderfully rewarding experience.
Set in a beautiful space created just for you, for some well needed ‘me’ time, to enable you to reset and connect with your mind, body and soul. Surrounded by dense tropical gardens, our retreat makes next level nirvana seem totally achievable. An early wake up call marks the beginning of your active days with us, which consist of yoga classes and your choice of Pilates, surf, holistic healing or yoga programs. Wind down with in house massages and wholesome meals shared with new friends as the sun sets.

Our women’s wellness retreat is all about doing what feels right for your mind, body and soul, so no matter which program you choose, how little or how much you do is always up to you.

Whether you join us on a girl’s getaway or a solo journey, you’ll return home feeling totally refreshed and reconnected.


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Wellness Retreat Bali
Wellness Retreat Bali

Taking time out of your life to invest in you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your wellness retreat with Ocean Soul Retreat. Whether you can’t wait to jump into the waves or want to work deeper into your asanas, you can find the experience that’s perfect for you with our fitness programs for pilates, yoga and surf, combined with holistic therapies. Our women’s wellness retreat is all about doing what feels right for your mind, body and soul, so no matter which program you choose, how little or how much you do is always up to you. We limit each retreat to 12 women to ensure a transformative and fulfilling experience for all.

Feel free to Contact Us with specific requests and concerns to further personalize your fitness holiday retreat.


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We believe in the power of the mind, body & soul connection.

We believe that food is the best medicine.

We believe in the importance of listening to your body.

We believe in the benefits of body movement.

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Ocean Soul Retreat provides a positive environment where woman can explore the world, learn new skills, find inner balance, relax and have fun! We seek to create a nurturing space that allows you to refresh your mind, energize your body, and reconnect with your soul…

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Wholefoods = beautiful skin. By flooding your body with water, nutrients, good fats, and antioxidants through your health retreat, you cleanse and renew your system. This allows your skin to more effectively clear toxins and repair damage for a healthy, bright complexion…

Women's Wellness Retreat, healthy eating, exercise and fittness, Holistic Therapies, womens classes, learn good habits


At Ocean Soul Retreat, we want you to feel indulged and pampered on a whole new level. The holistic treatments we offer at our wellness retreat not only coax you into deep relaxation, they help connect and realign your mind, body, and soul. We work with only the best practitioners in Bali…

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